Our loving fospice parents will provide end-of-life comfort and care to a homeless terminally ill or elderly dog. Each hospice is carefully matched in a loving fospice homes. 

     In loving memory of Roxie



 Rescued May 11th 2018 - September 9th, 2019 

     In loving memory of Elise 



 Rescued April 4th 2018 - January 11th, 2019 


"We had agreed to make our home, Elise's forever home. We had the most glorious, happiest, snuggliest days with her. Our home feels empty without her but we're so thankful for her, her sass, her no bullshit attitude, her goofy nubby smiles, her side eye but mostly, her all consuming love. 


Elise loved it so nothing else mattered...what old lady wanted, old lady got. I miss her every moment of every day but I know she's running around boofing at all the young boys up in heaven!




Fospice parents Dora and Aric 

Name : Honey

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Age 4 years old

Rescued date  August 16th, 2018


Rescue reason : Carson Animal Care Rescue Only

Primary Vet: Back Bay Animal Hosptial 


Fospice Location : Los Angeles


Honey was diagnosed with an aggressive Cancer. She was seen at our veterinary care for masses she had located on her neck, leg and vulva. The x-ray and blood-work came back good, so opt to surgically remove all three masses and two fractured molars. The biopsy was sent out to board certified pathologist unfortunately, all masses came back as cancer. She has full mammary chain involvement that spread to her spleen. The growth form past sites have resurfaced and Dr suggested the surgery again is not likely a curative plan or recommended by their team.  Thank you Dora and Aric for opening heart and home. The rewards are endless and each day with them is a gift. Love a million times over... from both sides. From our side and from theirs.


Fospice parent Lucy 

Name : Lady Scarlet 

Breed :  American Pit Bull Terrier

Age 10 years old

Rescued date : May 12th, 2018


Rescue reason : IVHS Animal ID I1290969


Foster Location : Pasadena CA

Medical : During her spay surgery they found 2 masses on Lady Scarlet. One by her shoulder and jaw. The masses were safely removed and she's in great spirit. Biopsy was benign


Fospice Mom Cat 

Name : 🌸 Roxie 🌸

Breed : American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Age 13 years old

Weight : 65 lbs

Rescued date : May 11th, 2018 - Sept 9th 2019


Rescue reason : owner passing 


Fospice Location : San Diego CA