Every rescue that enters our program requires an interview and approval by LA ADOPT 

Process of Owner Relinquish 


​ We only accept animals that​ ​has an approved foster home 


All animals must be spayed/neutered 


​Complete the owner relinquish application

​Training will be required for all behavioral dogs 

owner is responsible for training fee

Meet and greet with your pet 

Upon approval bring copy of vet records 

There is a fee for surrendering your pet

Each dog is $100 and each cat is $75 Please be aware that the owner surrender fees are in place to help us provide for your pet once he or she is left in our care

Final design will be made by LA ADOPT 



We do not take stray animals, 


If you found an animal:

  • Take the animal to the vet and have them scan for a microchip.

  • Post on Nextdoor.com

  • Post on the Facebook page Lost and Found 

  • Hang FOUND flyers on every intersection as far as you can with a BIG picture, age, description, phone number

  • Take the animal to the shelter near where it was found, because the owner may look there.  Place an IP "interested party" hold on the animal, so the shelter will alert you when the animal is scheduled for euthanasia.