Name : Jin Jin 

Breed: tabby 

Age 2 years old

Rescued date  May 27h, 2019 


Rescue reason : stray, injured 

Foster Location : Gardena CA

Medical : tri-pod kitten 

Temperament: Good with cats 


Kids : yes 

Dogs : unknown  

Cats : yes 

Jin Jin is still timid and takes time adjusting to new people and situations and needs a patient, understanding person who will allow her the time to feel safe and comfortable. Jin Jin is a gentle, demur kitty who enjoys the company of other cats. 

Inquire : LAadopt@gmail.com

Kobe Ruth  Adopted

Rescueversary  10 /6 /2020

Name : Kobe Ruth 

Breed: Orange Tabby

Age 5 months 

Rescued date  Sept 17h, 2020 


Rescue reason : stray

Foster Location : Long Beach CA

Medical : Spayed, UTD Vacc, Microchiped , De-worm, Flea treatment  

Temperament: Active, playful , energetic 


Kids : older kids 

Dogs : unknown  

Cats : Yes 

Kobe Ruth is a tiny happy floof ball who had a rough beginning living on the streets. She's affectionate, plays voraciously, and interacts chivalrously. Kobe Ruth is a petite kitten that is energetic and playful. She is so little and cute, likes to toss her cat toys around and chase after them. After a playing session she prefers to cuddle up for a long nap

Inquire : LAadopt@gmail.com