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Tampopo Adopted

Rescueversary  9/1/2021

Name : Tampopo

Breed: DSH

Age 4 months

Rescued date  April 2021


Rescue reason : stray 

Foster Location : Gardena

Temperament: Friendly, good with cats 


Tampopo is a little-kitty with a big personality! She is affectionate, friendly and greets everyone at the door. When she sees you, Tampopo will brighten up, and start a purr you can hear across the room! She will talk to you, telling you her opinion of the situation and she'll tell you how hungry she is! She loves her wet food! Playtime is any time! She will enjoy the wand toys you shake, but she can also entertain herself with any small toy on the floor.


Tampopo is a sweet girl who likes other cats and she will make herself comfortable around them. Tampopo is spayed,vaccinated, microchipped and ready to find her new beginning! Please apply to adopt her on our website

Litter Box Trained: Yes

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Name : Jin Jin 

Breed: tabby 

Age 4 years old

Rescued date  May 27h, 2019 


Rescue reason : stray, injured 

Foster Location : Gardena CA

Medical : tri-pod kitten 

Temperament: Good with cats 


Kids : yes 

Dogs : unknown  

Cats : yes 

Jin Jin is still timid and takes time adjusting to new people and situations and needs a patient, understanding person who will allow her the time to feel safe and comfortable. Jin Jin is a gentle, demur kitty who enjoys the company of other cats. 

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Kobe Ruth  Adopted

Rescueversary  10 /6 /2020

Name : Kobe Ruth 

Breed: Orange Tabby

Age 5 months 

Rescued date  Sept 17h, 2020 


Rescue reason : stray

Foster Location : Long Beach CA

Medical : Spayed, UTD Vacc, Microchiped , De-worm, Flea treatment  

Temperament: Active, playful , energetic 


Kids : older kids 

Dogs : unknown  

Cats : Yes 

Kobe Ruth is a tiny happy floof ball who had a rough beginning living on the streets. She's affectionate, plays voraciously, and interacts chivalrously. Kobe Ruth is a petite kitten that is energetic and playful. She is so little and cute, likes to toss her cat toys around and chase after them. After a playing session she prefers to cuddle up for a long nap

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