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LAadopt approved fosters will receive 

- Medical

- Food

- Supply

- Training

How to become a foster 

Step 1. Sign-online voluntary release/waiver of liability


Step 2. Submit foster application below 


Step 3. In-person house-check is required 

For more information about fostering please contact us

We can not save lives without you and fostering is absolutely FREE! LAadopt foster parents will be provided with essential kit which includes : medical, food, crate, supply, etc. LAadopt fosters will all be spayed/neutered , up to date on vaccinations, micro-chipped and will be seen by our vet. We work with dog behaviorist all across Los Angeles to find best suitable foster pet that fits your lifestyle. LAadopt will require online foster class to assure you will have all your fostering concerns answered. If you are interested in fostering an animal that is rescue-only or have any behavioral notes; meeting with our dog trainer will be mandatory prior to fostering. If you have other pets, you must bring them to our trainer for evaluation with foster dog. If for any reason the foster pet does not work out, we will require an approved foster home. We do not place dog in boarding and will need your commitment, until a foster home is found

  • We allow fosters driving distance from Los Angeles

please submit your foster  application below

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